Saturday, August 28, 2010

American Football

Well here's another essential in the emo department, American Football. Mike Kinsella, of Cap'n Jazz fame got this band together in 1997 and played with them until 2000. A stark contrast to the faster, more abrasive Cap'n, Mike's barley above whisper vocals tell a very straightforward story. He's hurt, your hurt, it hurts. Its time to move on, but what if she doesn't want to? Oh god, I can't do this. Typical teenage love story, no? Mr. Kinsella whispers and whines over some rather technical, mathy guitar work, jazzy drumming and simplistic, complementing bass lines. Picture this of the album, the soundtrack of a teenage summer love. It's relaxing, calming, emotional, and perfect for those late nights out under the stars by the water. A mood is really set listening to this, I'd even go so far as to call it "Dreamo". This album keeps you into it through and through, after hundreds of listens. Never Meant opens up with soft guitar technicality, and fades nicely into the relaxing, soothing Summer Ends. Honestly has this big bassline to start off the song, and is just that for the first minute or so of the song. After it fades into this shogaze-esque guitar and drum work, lulling you down calmly. For sure continues the calmness and softness of the album, leading into the instrumental You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon. But The Regrets Are Killing Me has a bit of build up if you ask me, its like its getting you prepared for the next and "final" track, and all the energy built up in that track leads into the powerful I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional. After the explosion of the little but of power in the album, you reach Stay Home. It opens with a droning, guitar riff, carrying on through most the song. Into a "lead" over it and perpetual ride cymbal, the first half builds you up for the ending perfectly. Mike sings about a loss of hope, how there's no point in even trying anything, and how ultimately staying home and leaving his lost love alone, and vice versa is the only way to go. Now you can interpret it any way as you want, I think that's what makes it the most emotional track on there.And then there's The One With The Wurlitzer, but that's like, an extra. Don't get me wrong, its a great track, but Stay Home is the true end of the album.

Fortunately Mike went on to form Owen, a pretty much acoustic American Football.  This album is easily, a good 7/10. I love it, maybe Mike's vocals might not be for you , nor is lyrics. They are for me though.

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