Friday, August 27, 2010

A Month Of Somedays s/t

Well this has been a favorite album of mine for a while now, so it gets my first post.

A Month Of Somedays is a Chicago Emo/Indie 4 piece band, and I must say, they are fantastic. From Matt Winter's nasally, high pitched, scratchy voice and his metaphorical lyricism, to Paul Rossi's deep, complimenting bass lines and vocals, to the obvious jazz influence on some of Mark's drumming, this band combines modest technicality, wise use of effects, powerful emotional crescendo's and simplistic beauty, I'd defiantly recommend this to anyone. The first track in the album starts up with a simply tasteful bassline, moving into Matt's vocals, metaphorically and openly describing any situation, this whole album is really for the listener to interpret as they may, excluding a few straight forward lyrics like "You dancing in my awkward arms, tumbling around in circles in my memories, Oh all those nights we shared, laying there." The next track has an even more powerful crescendo than "This Equation", very emotion filled, similar to Orchid's "Epilogue of A Car crash". "A Windows Pain" is the more popular one, and after my first few listens I never really noticed it, but after hearing the lyrics "And everything that you thought you knew is nothing, and everything that your working for is nothing". Really sticks with you, doesn't it? "Angelina" is a, much more upbeat track. It tells a story of many many naked women, a bar, cash registers, and loud ass music. A good mid album break of sorts, to keep you interested. "Thinkin' Bout Drinkin'" and "Scrap" build you up for the end fairly well, the first track being the most depressing of the album, not necessarily most emotional however.  To sum it up nicely, everytime you've been piss drunk over something other than naked women and shots. The latter, Matt sings about, just generally feeling empty and having nothing more than a meer scrap, being a "highway in a map". "Song of An Anniversary" leaves the listener wanting more from this band, it leaves no closed end for the story, no closure. Great track, and a nice end to this particular album. Honestly it deserves an 8/10.

You can download their entire discovery at

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