Saturday, September 11, 2010


Wow. Just, man. This is a truly beautiful, amazing album. Country and Screamo. Wow.
Creamo? I think that fits right, seeing as how you'll cream yourself listening to this.
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You is amazing. Beautiful, layered vocals, beautiful, poetic lyricism, powerful, amazing instrumental's, Country, Jazz, Noise. My word batman. This album will have you chanting along with it, screaming your heart out of your ass, and in shambles. Similar to what band?
Hah. None. That I've heard, albeit. I mean, I GUESS the vocalist sounds like the bro from Saetia, but there's 18 singers for god sakes.
Download it now, please.
And get the repeat ready for track 8.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So, obviously. As The Roots Undo is the much more popular album, and yes, I have listened to it aswell.
Their debut EP is just as good, just as signature, and deserves a listen. It'd be like, if La Dispute was, harder. Faster, grinder. And more experimental. Circle Takes The Square is a great new screamo band, one of the few around still. This album combines their experimental edge and throws it into the screamo genres standards; creshendo's, philosophical and nihilistic lyricism, and poetry. If you haven't already heard this, go ahead and download it. It's great. Oh, and there's rapping too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Swing Kids-Discography

Oh. My. God.
Angry, loud, emotional, pissed off, fucking, oh god. This album is amazing. It's similar to many of those bands from the 90's, Angel Hair, Antioch Arrow, only better. Fuck. This album has everything that belongs in a great album. Emotion, anger, Jazz. Fuck man, there's jazz in this shit! JAZZ! Joy Division too! Good lord, I have to fight myself from moshing to this in my garage. Just, download it now. This band is god tier, this band is amazing. This is essential, this is going into your library now.
Stop reading. Click the link.

Codeine-Frigid Stars LP

I. Don't care, I'm glad you can read wikipedia. but this band influenced I Hate Myself more than anything else I can hear. So, it's getting reviewed.
Codeine is the kid who's ready to off himself, and ready to go out Cobain style. Shotgun loaded, wrists gashed and writing his last thoughts and cries in blood, just before he does himself in. That's this album. Now, I Hate Myself is the kid's violent outburst, hurting everyone and everything in sight before hand.
There's a Nocturnal Depression album called "Soundtrack's For A Suicide"
I disagree, DSMB is great, but I'd much rather off myself to this bleak, monotonous, drone.
The bands lead singer, the name slips my mind at the moment, carries on and on, with the self deprecation. There is no climax, there is no emotional outburst, its dead. He's dead. This is the music of corpses.

Yaphett Kotto-The Killer Was In Government Blankets

Yes, Yaphett Kotto had a black man in it, yes it is amazing. Shut it you racist prick and listen.
YK's Blanket album combines aggressive, DC hardcore, anger, aggression, power, and melodic, Guy Picatto singing. Picture ROS, if Guy Scremed? Scrame? I don't know. It's a great album. Really.
There's part's where the power, stops. And it gets into this emotional, chorus guitar filled, singing, and then there's parts where it sounds like Algernon Cadawallader cause of the guitar's.
A great math/screamo/emo album. Steal this shit, yo. Now.

After School Knife Fight-Jousting With The Intent Of Hurting People

Christ, that's  long acronym. Well, when I first started to get into this ever so beautiful genre of music, this was one of the bands I was determined to find. However, to no avail, were there mediafire's of this album.
ASKF released this EP/Demo/Albumwhatever, and that's it. Like all great screamo bands, albeit it a cliche now, they don't last too long. Jousting is a rather hardcore album, very angry. Y'know the guy who kicks shit around the government office buildings in your neighborhood? No? Maybe just where I live we have  these lunatics then..
Well that's how this album sounds. Angry, mad, MOTHERFUCKING I'M GONNA RAPE A BABY AND OTHER HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE THINGS!!!11!1!11!!11!!!
Ha, I enjoyed typing that. But, not only is it short, fast, hardcore and furious, it also has a very experimental touch to it. There's plenty unorthodox guitar playing method's in here. So, if your in the mood for some angry, baby raping, guitar experimentation. Give this album a look see now.
Pardon the rapidshit, it's all there is. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chaos Is Me

Big fucking album cover, right? It deserves to take up that much space. This album is the epitome of what east coast screamo was. Fucking fast, incoherent, powerful, philosophical, pant creaming, ear jizzing, throat raping, utter orgasm. The riff's, in the songs where you can understand, are tasteful, fast, thrashy. There's a violin/cello/somefuckingclassicalinstrument that builds up the intro of the album. The drums are powerful and sound very grindcoreish. Here, take Anal Cunt, Sodom, and Angel Hair and mix it into an album and you get this. Oh, throw in some Saetia and Freidrich Nietzcshe too.
Essential screamo, download NOW.

Oh, yeah. Watch for the last track. You'll enjoy it.

I Hate Myself's 10 Songs

This album. This album, dear readers, Is truly amazing. Sure, the whole band was ironic. They were today's hipsters musically before their time. But that doesn't take away from the amazing, depressing, powerful aurora of this album. Jim Maurburger has that nasally, on the verge of crying voice that makes you feel the "pain". Someone once said Rites Of Spring was better than Fugazi because Guy actually sounded hurt and wounded on it. I don't recall whom it was, but you get that feeling from this album. There's no overabundance of screaming, its not ridiculously hardcore, it's just a great emo/screamo album.
Tons of emotion, tons of power, hell. It got me into the genre.
Steal this album, everyone, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Double Post

Sorry 'bout that shit yo.
 Mozilla crashed on me so I wrote two reviews for the ACOG album.
Oh, yeah. Not exactly screamo but a great band  just found none the less.

A Case Of Grenada "Hell Is Actually All Around"

FUCK! Just when I finished typing this, Mozilla crashed. Ballsacks, dude. Shit sucked. Anyways, this album.

This. Fucking. Album.
Way to break the boundaries, you guys. This album instrumentally fits more into the Dinosaur Jr. category than Screamo. No crescendo's, no powerful drumming. Nothing. Dude, like. I swear to god I'm trying to pin a comparison to this, but I can't. It is not like anything in the screamo genre. Its not particularly unique either, if that makes sense. CTTS? La Dispute? No, none of them. ACOG sound like them. Not a screamo band, they sound like them. The lyrics are even whimsical and the word play is queer in the vein of Syd Barret.
It's a very instrumentally driven album. The drumming is subtle and technical, the bass is groovy and big on the mix, there's a lot of memorable bass lines on here. And the guitar work really pushes the album along welly.
I can't pinpoint this, but I can say downfuckingload it now.

Album art, yo.

A Case Of Grenada "Hell Is Actually All Around"

Normally, I know where to start with bands. A comparison, description, but I can't. ACOG sounds like nothing in the screamo genre, there's no crescendo's, no overly powerful drumming, no muffled bass and no thrashy, crust guitar. It sounds very familiar though, just not to anything I've ever heard in this genre. I guess, Circle Takes The Square? La Dispute? Not even those bands, its very unique. Guitar driven, easy going.  But the bass plays a key role in this album, very memorable basslines.  Honest to god, It shares no similarities to any screamo band I've listened to, christ. Outside of its ridiculous, whimsical word play and lyricism, nothing. Closer to old indie pr alternative bands if anything. Just, go download it now and see for yourself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Eyed God Prophecy

For those of you into tracing your favorite bands back to every influence they had, you'll know about this band. For the average listener? Maybe not. OEGP was a Canadian Hardcore/Screamo band that greatly influenced Orchid. Hell, the first track screams Orchid all over it. Its jam-packed with crescendos and powerful drumming, yes. But one unique thing I liked about this band was how sludgy their riffs are, and how bass heavy it is compared to most bands in the vein of them. The drumming is powerful, there's samples of french in it, god knows what though, probably a philosopher. All in all this band is a very good find, powerful guitars, hard drumming, slower, acoustic parts and kooky synth passages.

Go ahead and give it a download, yo.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

La FUCKING Dispute

If you know about this band, than waste no time reading this review. La Dispute are easily one of the most powerful post-hardcore/screamo bands around. Raw emotion, poetry. Fucking poetry; sheer energy and power comparable to Rites Of Spring, and technical, proggy parts. Christ all mighty batman. I can not tell where you to begin with them, but I will recommend Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair and their poetry, self released EP's  Here, Hear. Both of those albums are great starting places for a 10/10 band. Download. Now.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

American Football

Well here's another essential in the emo department, American Football. Mike Kinsella, of Cap'n Jazz fame got this band together in 1997 and played with them until 2000. A stark contrast to the faster, more abrasive Cap'n, Mike's barley above whisper vocals tell a very straightforward story. He's hurt, your hurt, it hurts. Its time to move on, but what if she doesn't want to? Oh god, I can't do this. Typical teenage love story, no? Mr. Kinsella whispers and whines over some rather technical, mathy guitar work, jazzy drumming and simplistic, complementing bass lines. Picture this of the album, the soundtrack of a teenage summer love. It's relaxing, calming, emotional, and perfect for those late nights out under the stars by the water. A mood is really set listening to this, I'd even go so far as to call it "Dreamo". This album keeps you into it through and through, after hundreds of listens. Never Meant opens up with soft guitar technicality, and fades nicely into the relaxing, soothing Summer Ends. Honestly has this big bassline to start off the song, and is just that for the first minute or so of the song. After it fades into this shogaze-esque guitar and drum work, lulling you down calmly. For sure continues the calmness and softness of the album, leading into the instrumental You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon. But The Regrets Are Killing Me has a bit of build up if you ask me, its like its getting you prepared for the next and "final" track, and all the energy built up in that track leads into the powerful I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional. After the explosion of the little but of power in the album, you reach Stay Home. It opens with a droning, guitar riff, carrying on through most the song. Into a "lead" over it and perpetual ride cymbal, the first half builds you up for the ending perfectly. Mike sings about a loss of hope, how there's no point in even trying anything, and how ultimately staying home and leaving his lost love alone, and vice versa is the only way to go. Now you can interpret it any way as you want, I think that's what makes it the most emotional track on there.And then there's The One With The Wurlitzer, but that's like, an extra. Don't get me wrong, its a great track, but Stay Home is the true end of the album.

Fortunately Mike went on to form Owen, a pretty much acoustic American Football.  This album is easily, a good 7/10. I love it, maybe Mike's vocals might not be for you , nor is lyrics. They are for me though.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Month Of Somedays s/t

Well this has been a favorite album of mine for a while now, so it gets my first post.

A Month Of Somedays is a Chicago Emo/Indie 4 piece band, and I must say, they are fantastic. From Matt Winter's nasally, high pitched, scratchy voice and his metaphorical lyricism, to Paul Rossi's deep, complimenting bass lines and vocals, to the obvious jazz influence on some of Mark's drumming, this band combines modest technicality, wise use of effects, powerful emotional crescendo's and simplistic beauty, I'd defiantly recommend this to anyone. The first track in the album starts up with a simply tasteful bassline, moving into Matt's vocals, metaphorically and openly describing any situation, this whole album is really for the listener to interpret as they may, excluding a few straight forward lyrics like "You dancing in my awkward arms, tumbling around in circles in my memories, Oh all those nights we shared, laying there." The next track has an even more powerful crescendo than "This Equation", very emotion filled, similar to Orchid's "Epilogue of A Car crash". "A Windows Pain" is the more popular one, and after my first few listens I never really noticed it, but after hearing the lyrics "And everything that you thought you knew is nothing, and everything that your working for is nothing". Really sticks with you, doesn't it? "Angelina" is a, much more upbeat track. It tells a story of many many naked women, a bar, cash registers, and loud ass music. A good mid album break of sorts, to keep you interested. "Thinkin' Bout Drinkin'" and "Scrap" build you up for the end fairly well, the first track being the most depressing of the album, not necessarily most emotional however.  To sum it up nicely, everytime you've been piss drunk over something other than naked women and shots. The latter, Matt sings about, just generally feeling empty and having nothing more than a meer scrap, being a "highway in a map". "Song of An Anniversary" leaves the listener wanting more from this band, it leaves no closed end for the story, no closure. Great track, and a nice end to this particular album. Honestly it deserves an 8/10.

You can download their entire discovery at

The Rundown

Obviously, the title is meant in an ironic fashion. "Screamo" music, is widely considered dead. My blog will for advertising old bands for people looking to get into the genre, review any new albums I may find, advertising artists still together, and hopefully opening the eyes of some people to a grand genre of music.

-I will review artists from any country, any political view et cetera.
-I will take requests, so long as you follow me and keep checking my blogspot out.
-I will primarily do artists from the Screamo/Post Hardcore/Emo genre, but don't be surprised to see anything in this blog.
So stay awhile, follow me,  I'll update it everytime I listen to an album that applies, so check often.