Saturday, September 11, 2010


Wow. Just, man. This is a truly beautiful, amazing album. Country and Screamo. Wow.
Creamo? I think that fits right, seeing as how you'll cream yourself listening to this.
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You is amazing. Beautiful, layered vocals, beautiful, poetic lyricism, powerful, amazing instrumental's, Country, Jazz, Noise. My word batman. This album will have you chanting along with it, screaming your heart out of your ass, and in shambles. Similar to what band?
Hah. None. That I've heard, albeit. I mean, I GUESS the vocalist sounds like the bro from Saetia, but there's 18 singers for god sakes.
Download it now, please.
And get the repeat ready for track 8.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So, obviously. As The Roots Undo is the much more popular album, and yes, I have listened to it aswell.
Their debut EP is just as good, just as signature, and deserves a listen. It'd be like, if La Dispute was, harder. Faster, grinder. And more experimental. Circle Takes The Square is a great new screamo band, one of the few around still. This album combines their experimental edge and throws it into the screamo genres standards; creshendo's, philosophical and nihilistic lyricism, and poetry. If you haven't already heard this, go ahead and download it. It's great. Oh, and there's rapping too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Swing Kids-Discography

Oh. My. God.
Angry, loud, emotional, pissed off, fucking, oh god. This album is amazing. It's similar to many of those bands from the 90's, Angel Hair, Antioch Arrow, only better. Fuck. This album has everything that belongs in a great album. Emotion, anger, Jazz. Fuck man, there's jazz in this shit! JAZZ! Joy Division too! Good lord, I have to fight myself from moshing to this in my garage. Just, download it now. This band is god tier, this band is amazing. This is essential, this is going into your library now.
Stop reading. Click the link.

Codeine-Frigid Stars LP

I. Don't care, I'm glad you can read wikipedia. but this band influenced I Hate Myself more than anything else I can hear. So, it's getting reviewed.
Codeine is the kid who's ready to off himself, and ready to go out Cobain style. Shotgun loaded, wrists gashed and writing his last thoughts and cries in blood, just before he does himself in. That's this album. Now, I Hate Myself is the kid's violent outburst, hurting everyone and everything in sight before hand.
There's a Nocturnal Depression album called "Soundtrack's For A Suicide"
I disagree, DSMB is great, but I'd much rather off myself to this bleak, monotonous, drone.
The bands lead singer, the name slips my mind at the moment, carries on and on, with the self deprecation. There is no climax, there is no emotional outburst, its dead. He's dead. This is the music of corpses.

Yaphett Kotto-The Killer Was In Government Blankets

Yes, Yaphett Kotto had a black man in it, yes it is amazing. Shut it you racist prick and listen.
YK's Blanket album combines aggressive, DC hardcore, anger, aggression, power, and melodic, Guy Picatto singing. Picture ROS, if Guy Scremed? Scrame? I don't know. It's a great album. Really.
There's part's where the power, stops. And it gets into this emotional, chorus guitar filled, singing, and then there's parts where it sounds like Algernon Cadawallader cause of the guitar's.
A great math/screamo/emo album. Steal this shit, yo. Now.

After School Knife Fight-Jousting With The Intent Of Hurting People

Christ, that's  long acronym. Well, when I first started to get into this ever so beautiful genre of music, this was one of the bands I was determined to find. However, to no avail, were there mediafire's of this album.
ASKF released this EP/Demo/Albumwhatever, and that's it. Like all great screamo bands, albeit it a cliche now, they don't last too long. Jousting is a rather hardcore album, very angry. Y'know the guy who kicks shit around the government office buildings in your neighborhood? No? Maybe just where I live we have  these lunatics then..
Well that's how this album sounds. Angry, mad, MOTHERFUCKING I'M GONNA RAPE A BABY AND OTHER HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE THINGS!!!11!1!11!!11!!!
Ha, I enjoyed typing that. But, not only is it short, fast, hardcore and furious, it also has a very experimental touch to it. There's plenty unorthodox guitar playing method's in here. So, if your in the mood for some angry, baby raping, guitar experimentation. Give this album a look see now.
Pardon the rapidshit, it's all there is. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chaos Is Me

Big fucking album cover, right? It deserves to take up that much space. This album is the epitome of what east coast screamo was. Fucking fast, incoherent, powerful, philosophical, pant creaming, ear jizzing, throat raping, utter orgasm. The riff's, in the songs where you can understand, are tasteful, fast, thrashy. There's a violin/cello/somefuckingclassicalinstrument that builds up the intro of the album. The drums are powerful and sound very grindcoreish. Here, take Anal Cunt, Sodom, and Angel Hair and mix it into an album and you get this. Oh, throw in some Saetia and Freidrich Nietzcshe too.
Essential screamo, download NOW.

Oh, yeah. Watch for the last track. You'll enjoy it.