Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Case Of Grenada "Hell Is Actually All Around"

Normally, I know where to start with bands. A comparison, description, but I can't. ACOG sounds like nothing in the screamo genre, there's no crescendo's, no overly powerful drumming, no muffled bass and no thrashy, crust guitar. It sounds very familiar though, just not to anything I've ever heard in this genre. I guess, Circle Takes The Square? La Dispute? Not even those bands, its very unique. Guitar driven, easy going.  But the bass plays a key role in this album, very memorable basslines.  Honest to god, It shares no similarities to any screamo band I've listened to, christ. Outside of its ridiculous, whimsical word play and lyricism, nothing. Closer to old indie pr alternative bands if anything. Just, go download it now and see for yourself.

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