Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Case Of Grenada "Hell Is Actually All Around"

FUCK! Just when I finished typing this, Mozilla crashed. Ballsacks, dude. Shit sucked. Anyways, this album.

This. Fucking. Album.
Way to break the boundaries, you guys. This album instrumentally fits more into the Dinosaur Jr. category than Screamo. No crescendo's, no powerful drumming. Nothing. Dude, like. I swear to god I'm trying to pin a comparison to this, but I can't. It is not like anything in the screamo genre. Its not particularly unique either, if that makes sense. CTTS? La Dispute? No, none of them. ACOG sound like them. Not a screamo band, they sound like them. The lyrics are even whimsical and the word play is queer in the vein of Syd Barret.
It's a very instrumentally driven album. The drumming is subtle and technical, the bass is groovy and big on the mix, there's a lot of memorable bass lines on here. And the guitar work really pushes the album along welly.
I can't pinpoint this, but I can say downfuckingload it now.

Album art, yo.

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