Monday, September 6, 2010

After School Knife Fight-Jousting With The Intent Of Hurting People

Christ, that's  long acronym. Well, when I first started to get into this ever so beautiful genre of music, this was one of the bands I was determined to find. However, to no avail, were there mediafire's of this album.
ASKF released this EP/Demo/Albumwhatever, and that's it. Like all great screamo bands, albeit it a cliche now, they don't last too long. Jousting is a rather hardcore album, very angry. Y'know the guy who kicks shit around the government office buildings in your neighborhood? No? Maybe just where I live we have  these lunatics then..
Well that's how this album sounds. Angry, mad, MOTHERFUCKING I'M GONNA RAPE A BABY AND OTHER HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE THINGS!!!11!1!11!!11!!!
Ha, I enjoyed typing that. But, not only is it short, fast, hardcore and furious, it also has a very experimental touch to it. There's plenty unorthodox guitar playing method's in here. So, if your in the mood for some angry, baby raping, guitar experimentation. Give this album a look see now.
Pardon the rapidshit, it's all there is. 

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