Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Eyed God Prophecy

For those of you into tracing your favorite bands back to every influence they had, you'll know about this band. For the average listener? Maybe not. OEGP was a Canadian Hardcore/Screamo band that greatly influenced Orchid. Hell, the first track screams Orchid all over it. Its jam-packed with crescendos and powerful drumming, yes. But one unique thing I liked about this band was how sludgy their riffs are, and how bass heavy it is compared to most bands in the vein of them. The drumming is powerful, there's samples of french in it, god knows what though, probably a philosopher. All in all this band is a very good find, powerful guitars, hard drumming, slower, acoustic parts and kooky synth passages.

Go ahead and give it a download, yo.