Monday, September 6, 2010

Codeine-Frigid Stars LP

I. Don't care, I'm glad you can read wikipedia. but this band influenced I Hate Myself more than anything else I can hear. So, it's getting reviewed.
Codeine is the kid who's ready to off himself, and ready to go out Cobain style. Shotgun loaded, wrists gashed and writing his last thoughts and cries in blood, just before he does himself in. That's this album. Now, I Hate Myself is the kid's violent outburst, hurting everyone and everything in sight before hand.
There's a Nocturnal Depression album called "Soundtrack's For A Suicide"
I disagree, DSMB is great, but I'd much rather off myself to this bleak, monotonous, drone.
The bands lead singer, the name slips my mind at the moment, carries on and on, with the self deprecation. There is no climax, there is no emotional outburst, its dead. He's dead. This is the music of corpses.


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